Introducing the most important report to help you manage your portfolio – the Timetable Investor. Making sense of market swings can often feel like chasing the latest headlines. The Timetable Investor provides a systematic approach to understanding where the market is going next... and what that means for your portfolio. Starting with our proprietary Uniform Accounting metrics, we gather corporate performance and valuation, credit, and sentiment data to better understand corporate profitability and risk. We combine our numbers with deep credit-market, government policy, and macroeconomic data, as well as research into more than 100 years of market cycles. We then use our research to plot whether we're in a bull or a bear market. Once a month, our team gathers all the key data to identify market trends. We produce a detailed report with grades for the four most important market factors – credit, earnings growth, momentum, and valuations. We then recommend an approach for putting money into the market. We also give you a straightforward framework for dividing your portfolio among equities, bonds, and cash. Click here to claim a 30-day risk-free trial to Timetable Investor.