We see what Wall Street doesn’t

Altimetry is a world-renowned financial research and publishing firm. We use our patented approach to identify accounting inconsistencies in thousands of public companies, helping everyday people gain a huge advantage in the market.

"Give my regrets to Wall Street"

Moments like this are exactly why our founder, Joel Litman, built the Altimeter – his proprietary stock-picking system.

Joel has spent over 30 years in finance both on and off Wall Street, working at firms like Deloitte, Credit Suisse First Boston, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

He saw firsthand how Wall Street “experts” hoard their favorite moneymaking opportunities, making them seem too complex, expensive, and technical for regular people to understand… let alone profit from.

So he left it all behind and created the Altimeter… to give regular, everyday folks the edge Wall Street will never offer.

Instead of using traditional Wall Street analysis, Joel and his team start by deconstructing the data. They reassemble it using their own Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (“UAFRS”) – or Uniform Accounting, for short. This process shows them the true picture of a company’s potential.

Then, they combine Uniform Accounting with deep forensic analysis to find mispriced companies poised for massive growth.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, Joel used this method to recommend retailer Liz Claiborne for his institutional clients… before it shot up 878%.

He did the same with footwear company Skechers (SKX) before it soared 1,566%.

And in the early months of the pandemic, Joel recommended a little-known real estate stock called eXp World Holdings (EXPI)… right before it skyrocketed more than 800%.

Watch the video below to learn more about Joel Litman and his unconventional research methods.

A "Stock Truth Detector" for the average Joe

Bottom line: By uncovering a company's true numbers through Uniform Accounting, you can pick up on some of the biggest stock moves... well before the story appears in the press. The Altimeter runs this EXACT kind of analysis so you can easily see whether any company is in a good position – or if you should stay away.

Step 1: Type the stock into the Altimeter Pro…

and instantly see detailed data for any one of the more than 4,500 companies we cover. With the Altimeter, you can…

  • Set special alerts on any stock you want – and be notified any time there’s a major move in the financials
  • Evaluate any stock with a simple grade from A to F
  • Upload your entire portfolio into the system
  • Create lists of all your favorite stocks
Step 2:See where Wall Street gets it wrong

The Altimeter gives you a clear picture of a company’s return on assets – or its “earning power.” It’s a measure of how effectively the company generates cash.

This tell-tale indicator shows you the company’s TRUE earning numbers (blue bar) compared with the publicly reported numbers from Wall Street (orange bar), by year, side by side… so you can get the REAL financial picture other investors aren’t seeing.

Step 3:Know which stocks to own or avoid immediately

The Altimeter assigns a simple letter grade – from A to F – to each of the stocks it analyzes.

This grade measures performance, valuation, risk levels and all the other metrics an investor should analyze before buying or selling a stock. You’re left with an instant snapshot of a company’s financials… whether they’re good, mediocre, or completely out of touch with reality.

See where any stock you own may be headed next

It typically costs $99 a month for a subscription to the Altimeter… but you can access it right now, 100% free for seven days. As soon as you enter your email, you can see where we think popular stocks like Alphabet (GOOGL), Nvidia (NVDA), and Apple (AAPL) are headed next. Plus, you'll receive our daily newsletter for clear, data-driven insights into the latest market news and trends.

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Meet the visionaries powering this innovation

Altimetry was born from Wall Street's repeated rejection of transparent financial reporting. Co-founders Joel Litman and Rob Spivey are committed to providing subscribers with a best-in-class financial education through their Uniform Accounting research and easy-to-use tools. They strive to empower subscribers to navigate any market – be it bull, bear, or sideways – with confidence.

Joel Litman, CPA

Professor Joel Litman is a forensic accountant and chief investment strategist of Altimetry and his institutional arm, Valens Research.

Joel’s uncanny ability to read the market – he famously predicted both the 2008 and 2020 crashes months in advance – has earned him attention from the highest levels of government, business, and academia. He’s lectured at Harvard Business School, Wharton, and at CFA societies around the world. He’s also a regular consultant for the FBI and the Pentagon.

Joel’s institutional business counts all of the 10 biggest money managers in the world as clients, along with hundreds of elite funds and asset managers – professionals who pay as much as $100,000 a month for his insights.

Get to know Joel Litman
Rob Spivey, CFA

Rob Spivey is the director of research at Altimetry and Valens Research. He leads a team using our proprietary Uniform Accounting framework to deliver equity, credit, and macro research… often leading to market-beating returns you won’t find anywhere else.

Rob’s rich background spans his time as a hedge-fund analyst to advising some of the largest investment managers in the world. He has appeared on CNBC, and been quoted in Barron’s, Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes. He has presented at Northeastern University, DePaul University, and HULT International Business School, and been a judge at the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Rob and his team have rolled up their sleeves to identify bond ideas, analyze bond holdings, and design special portfolios for a number of hedge-fund clients. In 2015, he tapped into a lucrative bond opportunity in the oil sector. The result? An impressive 87% win rate with gains as high as 114% in two months – despite the oil market plummeting more than 50%.

Get to know Rob Spivey

Professional-grade research, built for individuals

The FBI, the Pentagon, and more than half of the 300 biggest money managers in the world follow Rob and Joel's research… and their corporate clients pay as much as $100,000 per month for their coverage of 4,855 companies and ETFs. With Altimetry, they're putting their research directly in the hands of individuals. They have over 170,000 readers to date. And the results these folks are reporting are incredible...

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Significant gains in my portfolio

Some of the stock ideas that [Joel Litman and his team] have recommended are really incredible with huge upside, and long before the rest of the Street sees it. [This] research has brought me significant gains in my portfolio.

Matt Rakowski

former Goldman Sachs Vice President

I can’t imagine investing without that advice

My personal and family retirement portfolios are up more than 50% as a direct result of Joel Litman’s analysis and investment strategies. I can’t imagine investing without that advice.

Tom Gerencer

award-winning journalist

You won't see anything like this

Professor Litman has built the world’s best database for investors. Unless you’re planning on running billions of dollars and can hire the best talent and build it yourself, you won’t see anything like this. The data is unbelievable!

John Sviokla

author and former Harvard Business School professor

My priority reads each morning

Thank you for the daily reviews and updates. They are one of my priority reads each morning. The Hidden Alpha reports also illuminate values that I would never find on my own.

Jim M.


Stone-cold moneymaker

I made an incredible 735% in just over six months. I closed out three different trades on EXPI with gains of 735%, 363% and 111%. Joel is a stone-cold moneymaker!

Paul M.

It's like having X-ray vision

I need to tell you how thrilled I am with your new grading system in [The] Altimeter. It has completely changed my trading performance… It’s like having X-ray vision! I feel it’s possible to improve even more as I hone my strategy. Keep up the good work!

Steve P.

What Wall Street can't… and won't tell you

Every weekday, Joel and Rob publish their forensic accounting and financial research insights in Altimetry Daily Authority. Here, you'll get world-class analysis and market commentary you simply cannot find anywhere else. Browse the latest articles below to learn something new.

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