Microcap Confidential is an investing research service that looks to find and recommend microcap stocks whose profits and earnings are hidden from Wall Street and the mainstream media, giving you a huge advantage over 99% of investors. How do we see what others cannot? In short, we have a small army break down companies' "As Reported" financial statements and rebuild them in a Uniform format. We have found that there are more than 130 meaningful discrepancies in the GAAP "As Reported" numbers compared to what is TRUE. Understanding these discrepancies and what they mean for the future of a company can lead to massive gains, even on safe stocks. Our team of more than 100, including financial analysts and accountants, analyzes the entire universe of microcap U.S. stocks using our brand of forensic accounting. We then focus on the companies with major discrepancies between what almost everyone thinks is true versus what is really true with a company's earnings. Once we have this list, we run an earnings call forensics on those to boil it down to a group of microcap stocks with the biggest upside potential. We literally analyze earnings calls to identify any deception, evasion, or excitement generated by CFOs and CEOs. This final piece gives us additional clues as the future of the stock's price by further separating fact from fiction. In our other services, we are seeking large-cap, safe stocks that still have the opportunity for big gains (Hidden Alpha) or small- and mid-cap stocks that can deliver big upside but tend to have more risk (High Alpha). But in Microcap Confidential, we're finding the tiniest stocks with the biggest upside potential yet. In each monthly issue of Microcap Confidential, we publish the stock that offers our subscribers the safest and best chance at multibagger returns. In each issue, we give you the stock symbol and explain exactly what discrepancies we've uncovered and what form of excitement or deception markers, if any, that we might've seen in the earnings call forensics. And of course, we recommend how to proceed in your own account to take full advantage of the situation.