The Credit Analyzer is our newest tool. It's the same kind of critical credit research we’ve only shared with our big-money readers (like all 10 of the world’s top 10 institutional investors and half of the 300 biggest money managers)...

Until now.

This is your instant Uniform Accounting snapshot of the credit health or risk profile for practically any U.S. company you own or care about.

Simply enter the name or ticker symbol of any company to see the truth about its creditworthiness… and not the bogus, backwards, and flawed ratings of the big agencies.

You'll see a visual guide to each of the powerful credit metrics we follow... and one invaluable, easy-to-understand overall credit grade.

If you've ever invested in a corporate bond – or had an inkling to do so – this tool could be a total game changer for you.

But our Credit Analyzer can do far more than simply guide you toward the best bonds...

This tool could instantly make you better and more successful in every type of investing you may do.

Credit is at least half the picture when it comes to understanding a company's health and where it's headed, but almost no one looks at it.

When you know how to check a company's credit health, you have another tool at your disposal for finding cheap, misunderstood stocks... or avoiding potential portfolio torpedoes.

A lot of investors can't say that.

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