When it comes to investing, if you're only putting money to work in the stock market...

You're only seeing half the picture.

With Credit Cashflow Investor, we're here to make sure your coverage of the market is complete.

In this monthly newsletter, we're focused on all things credit. You'll learn about an investing strategy that's simpler and safer than anything you’ve ever done with stocks.

And contrary to what a lot of folks believe... it can be just as lucrative.

We've used Uniform Accounting to show our institutional clients stock-market gains of 366%... 490%... even 1,360%.

And Altimetry subscribers across our services have seen chances at gains of 157%... 211%... and 293%, among many others.

We leverage the same proprietary forensic accounting methods that have brought us success in stocks... to uncover opportunities in the corporate-bond market.

And just like with stocks, when you’re able to get a clear look at the real numbers – not the as-reported B.S. – you can find great opportunities.

Because the true, cleaned-up credit picture of a company gives you the clearest perspective you could ever have going into a bond trade... And understanding this means you'll have the chance at some of the biggest and most reliable gains in the markets, over and over again.

And you can do it through the biggest and most painful crises for stock investors.

There are about 6,000 tradeable stocks on the U.S. markets at any given time. There are more than 500,000 bonds available.

This is a massive market. And to most people, it's a foreign one. It seems so complex and strange that it can be downright scary.

Bond investors don't use the same common terms that equity investors throw around. Instead, they talk about CUSIP numbers... maturity dates... coupon rates... accrued interest... and par value.

But as you'll learn, all those words are just jargon – terms people in the industry use to discourage everyday folks from a simple and straightforward strategy. They want to keep the secret of bond investing to themselves.

We'll show you how to pick up double-digit yields – and sometimes triple-digit capital gains – on investments that are legally obligated to pay you back.

It all comes down to having the right tool.

This is how we dial in on “money good” opportunities for you...

"Money good."

This insider lingo might sound a little funny... but all it means is that a company will be able to make good on its debt.

In the bond market, "money good" is the only jargon that will ever really get your blood flowing.

And our system shows you when a bond is "money good" from the outset.

With Uniform Accounting, we can see what the market doesn't.

We get an instant snapshot of the credit health of any U.S. company... to see the truth about its creditworthiness... and not the bogus, backwards, and flawed ratings of the big agencies.

Specifically, we're homing in on companies that have plenty of cash flow to cover their debt... but the market doesn't see it.

And unlike stocks, a bond is a legal contract. The issuer is legally obligated to pay you, in full, and on a set schedule. So you know exactly what you’re going to get and when.

On top of all the high-yield, low-risk bond recommendations we share with you in Credit Cashflow Investor...

You'll also learn how bonds work... how and where to buy them...

How to understand terms like "coupon" and "maturity"...

And how to balance your portfolio perfectly with the best opportunities in misunderstood bonds.

And of course, you'll never have to do any of this on your own.

The Altimetry team will be with you every step of the way... for every recommendation and every update on the bond market.

Credit Cashflow Investor was 20 years in the making...

And we can’t wait to share it with you today.

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