The Altimeter gives you access to arguably the most important tool an individual looking to invest could ever use.

It gives you the freedom, independence, and knowledge to trade stocks in a way you probably never thought possible.

The Altimeter is powered by our patented analysis system, which has been featured in Barron's, CNBC, and the Harvard Business Review.

All you have to do is type in a company name or ticker symbol... and watch detailed data flow in for more than 4,500 stocks instantly.

That's why John Sviokla, a former Harvard Business School professor who's also taught at Oxford University and MIT, says...

"Professor Litman has built the world's best database for investors. Unless you're planning on running billions of dollars and can hire the best talent and build it yourself, you won't see anything like this. The data is unbelievable!"

We call it a "stock truth detector" because this tool reveals...

    • TRUE earnings versus as-reported earnings.
    • A breakdown of the TRUE return on assets.
    • The TRUE price-to-earnings ratio, showing how "cheap" or "expensive" a stock really is.
    • The TRUE earnings trend and what that could mean for your personal portfolio.

And current users are raving about it...

"I need to tell you how thrilled I am with your new grading system in [The] Altimeter. It has completely changed my trading performance. I do a lot of Naked Puts and Covered Calls. As you know, it is critical to only do this type of trading exclusively on high quality stocks and [The] Altimeter gives me the confidence to make these trades. It's like having X-ray vision! I feel it's possible to improve even more as I hone my strategy. Keep up the good work!" -Steve P.

"I am enjoying the service immensely. I run every recommendation from Stansberry and Palm Beach Letter through The Altimeter... if it doesn't pass your forensic muster I usually pass on the trades. This one tool alone has helped me have unshakable conviction already in trades I would have blown out of at a loss due to ignorance and fear." -Tom P.

The Altimeter is the reason why Altimetry founder Joel Litman has been invited to speak at some of the top MBA programs and CFA societies in the world... attracted multibillion-dollar hedge fund clients... been sought out by government-run sovereign funds... and why his proprietary data is coveted by billionaires around the globe.

They've all come knocking at our door to get their hands on this patented technology, which many have considered to be “crystal ball-like.”

Imagine being able to see exactly where any stock may be headed, by knowing its TRUE earnings and profitability BEFORE the public has any idea...

It gives anyone with access to it a huge advantage over the market.

We're always working to make this tool better... Recently, we added categories like value classification, peer relative grading, and new-and-improved performance grades. We also expanded our historical data, embedded expectations, and we added all-new risk grades.

And all of this information is available in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

For example, if you wanted to see which of the stocks in our database get an "A"… You could do that in less than 30 seconds.

Not to mention, there's even a way you can use it to "spy" on big-time investors like Warren Buffett to see how their portfolios are TRULY performing.

Once The Altimeter is in your hands, and you have the TRUE score for any stock – you'll likely want to check it before placing any trade.

And you’ll find yourself using it over and over again... as you check the data on practically every stock you've ever even thought about buying or selling.

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