High Alpha is a new research service for everyday investors that is powered exclusively by our forensic accounting system. 

Our Stock Altimeter, a tool and dataset we've built over the past decade, allows us to identify what's true about a company's performance versus what the public believes to be true.  This discrepancy between truth and reality helps us in finding alpha stocks that outperform the market.

In particular, we want stocks with extremely high alpha. We want them with extremely high discrepancies between true earnings and reported earnings because that leads to high alpha or extremely high gains.

And the whole game of being an investment research analyst or being a hedge-fund manager – or even an individual investor – is finding those situations where what the market believes, is wrong.

Each month, in High Alpha, our team analyzes the entire universe of U.S. stocks using our brand of forensic accounting. We break down the "As Reported" financial statements and rebuild them in a Uniform format.  And then we whittle that down to 200-plus companies with major discrepancies or extremely high alpha between what Wall Street and the media think is true versus what is really true with a company's earnings.

Once we have a list of 200-plus companies, we run our earnings call forensics on those to boil it down to a list of about 30 stocks that have massive upside potential.  We literally analyze earnings calls to identify any deception, evasion, or excitement generated by CFOs and CEOs.  This final piece gives us additional clues as the future of the stock's price by further separating fact from fiction.

Then in High Alpha, we like to filter down the list of 30 stocks to focus on very small-cap stocks because that's where you really see the upside.

Each month, after literally thousands of man hours are put into rebuilding financial statements and analyzing the results, we generate one stock recommendation that could double or triple your money.

We publish exactly what discrepancies we've uncovered and what form of excitement or deception markers, if any, that we might've seen in the earnings call forensics. And of course, we show you all of the details and recommend how to proceed in your own account to take full advantage of the situations we find each month to make as much money as possible – that's what High Alpha is all about.

This formula has led us to identify extraordinary gains for anyone following our recommendations:

  • 671% on Next Star Media
  • 155% on Planet Fitness
  • 122% on Boot Barn
  • 564% on Atlassian Corporation

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