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Why it's a good time to reflect on the past and the future...

The new year is always a time to review the past year, alongside forecasts for the coming year.

We ask ourselves, "How did I do last year?" and "What am I looking forward to in 2022?"

The truth is, of course, that neither I nor anyone else knows for sure what 2022 holds in store. Who could've guessed what was in store amid the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 or 2021?

We can make good guesses. We can't control the future.

I can hope to remain strong and healthy, knowing that I can't control what will happen to my health... not 100% at least.

But I can do a few things right now, in the here and now. I can still watch what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat. And, more importantly, when I don't eat, since I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting.

I can continue to exercise and vary my exercise styles, and I can continue ending my workouts with cold showers and sleep on the floor.

By doing these things, I can act with the best patterns of activities. Based on the available data, I will be healthier this year than I would have been otherwise.

But there could be some new crazy variant of the coronavirus or something else, and I could end up sick regardless of all my healthier habits.

Still, I do what I can now to maximize the potential of my preference for health and then become nonattached to the outcome.

Of course, I have preferences for the outcome...

I'd prefer not to get sick, and I would rather look younger and feel stronger at the end of 2022. However, most things truly are beyond our control.

So, I do what I can now to stay as healthy as my life allows, and I let go of the future's outcomes and any attachment to a particular future outcome.

Worrying about the future won't do me any good anyway. The added stress will cause me to be less healthy.

The lesson that I try to remind myself is that having anything more than preferences of the future will set me up for disappointment.

Furthermore, I might miss some nice surprises as I focus on one desired outcome.

That doesn't mean being detached. It means being nonattached. Being detached is negative – being nonattached is incredibly powerful.

Becoming nonattached is vital in investing...

Investing requires a similar mindset. No one can perfectly predict the markets – the best-laid plans for the stock market were thwarted by a pandemic in 2020 and a terrorist attack in 2001.

These "black swan" events are impossible to plan for and can create stock market chaos.

We can spend all day getting nervous about it or worrying about it. However, it doesn't change anything other than cause us to make bad investment decisions.

We don't know for sure what the market will do. We see patterns, and we do the best we can.

This is the tricky part of being an investment strategist. Readers are looking for forecasts, stock picks, and market price predictions.

I like to say that we don't have forecasts at Altimetry... we have data.

We are using better data to invest wisely. We are using data that others don't have to choose the best stocks and the ones to avoid.

Putting all of our data together in an aggregate way helps us understand where the market is, and most likely, where it is heading.

We can't predict the future. But we do see patterns that guide us to the best possible investment strategy.

My team and I can spend all day dreaming about the future. However, we have the data that lays out a probable path for 2022.

If the data changes tomorrow, then our forecasts must change. That is the challenge of looking to the future and the need to become nonattached. There is great power in great humility and the ability to change.

Investors who become attached to a particular outcome or market prediction will see data and fit and twist it to their preconceived, highly attached notion.

Smarter investors allow the data to form their hypothesis. Being nonattached, you go where the market is going, not fighting the trends and headwinds that are materializing.

What can you do now for 2022?

With bearish headlines running rampant in the mainstream media, it's easy to get worried about where the markets are headed next.

But rather than worrying about inflation, the latest jobs report, the supply chain, or the current variant of the coronavirus, use this as an opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We at Altimetry believe that 2022 will be the best year for investors in ages for several reasons. The data points to 2022 being the start of the biggest corporate investment cycle of the century, opening opportunities in big areas like infrastructure, the Internet of Things ("IoT"), and advanced data analytics.

And as the market soars to new highs, it's going to send one stock in particular soaring.

I'm so bullish on this little-known stock that I sat down on camera to explain everything you need to know... and we put it together in this video for you.

Watch it here to learn more.

All the best, in health and wealth,

January 14, 2022