Welcome, and thank you for joining the Altimetry community – powered by Valens Research.

You have joined a small community of high-powered investors who recognize that the reported financial statements and Wall Street research cannot be trusted.

Most of the investment world does not recognize this at all.

I feel blessed to be a member of this community and honored to lead a team who work day and night to deliver these insights to you.

At Valens Research, for 10-plus years running, we have tried to do everything that Wall Street wouldn't and couldn't do for the benefit of the investors.

Over the years, we've built a database of more than 32,000 companies worldwide. Our team "fixes" their financial statements. Then we produce valuation metrics and insight that we don't see any firm in the world coming close to doing in breadth and depth.

We've added unique forensic research to the financials, management's comments, and their spoken words, to see if their words, numbers, and tones match. These are things Wall Street would never do for fear of losing their corporate clients with such deeply investigative techniques.

For our investor clients, we've seen interest and uptake we would never have conceived of early on. Today, our work is read every month by more than 180 of the top 300 investors in the world.

In fact, nine of the top 10 firms on the planet have analysts and portfolio managers downloading and reading the unique and powerful valuation work that you'll also being seeing.

Through Altimetry, I am hoping to share as many insights as we can with you. These come from what we've learned from a base of hardcore accounting analysis, years on and off Wall Street, and frankly, most importantly, from and with our institutional investor clients.

I look forward to you being a part of this new community with me.

What has been previously reserved for only the highest echelons of investment management... we're now able to share with you through Altimetry.

All my best,

Joel Litman