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America's Debt Burden Isn't as Scary as It Seems

All government spending can be measured by its "multiplier effect"...

The Real Estate Canary Has Something to Say

Whether or not the market recognizes it, the real estate sector is struggling...

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'Phantom Debt' Is Piling Up

There's a clear disconnect between today's average FICO score and what consumer-staples companies are reporting...

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Jim Simons' System for Work and Life

There was nobody like Jim Simons – and there likely never will be again...

Nobody Likes to Be Left in the Dark

Society can't function with regular power outages...

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This Election Matters Less Than 'Big Energy' Thinks

A lot of these policies are already in place. It's simply a question of who's implementing them...

Why You Should Avoid 'Rule of Thumb' Investing

Many who follow a rule of thumb like "100 minus your age" end up breaking their investing plan at the exact wrong time...

Investors Are Betting on the World's Arms Dealer

Some folks are calling for a multipolar geopolitical landscape... where a country like China rises up to rival the U.S. as a world superpower.

Buying High and Buying Small

A lot of people are scared of investing in microcaps... But they’re missing out.

Don't Trust This Shadow Bank's Assessment of Itself

If investors knew this was happening, they would probably be asking to cash out...

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