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Yet Another Reason to Not Listen to Your Gut by Selling at the Lows

As companies push for short-term work-from-home strategies to mitigate risks, the line between employees and contractors is blurring... One of our business partners is a talent acquisition company called MBO. It focuses on helping large companies and independent contractors match with each other based on their respective needs and skills. Just last week, CEO Miles […]

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Think of Your Investments Like You Would Think of Your Home

Joel's note: Stocks are now officially in a bear market across U.S. indexes. It's more critical than ever to stay calm when approaching your investments... so we'll take some time today in Altimetry Daily Authority to keep things in perspective. 'The value of my home just fell 20%. I'd better sell it right now!' Home […]

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The Food Supplier That Nailed the 'Walmart Strategy'

How serious of a risk is the oil sell-off for U.S. high-yield debt? On Tuesday, as we discussed why investors shouldn't panic in the current market environment, we mentioned a Valens Research piece we wrote in 2015 about why low oil prices aren't actually a sign of an imminent recession... Instead, they're bullish for the […]

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This Household Goods Company Is 'Shrinking to Grow'

Warren Buffett's annual shareholder letter reminds everyone about the problems of as-reported accounting... Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) earned $81.4 billion last year, but Buffett still didn't sound satisfied in his recent 2019 annual letter... It isn't that the legendary investor doesn't think $81.4 billion is enough... It's that he thinks that this number is deceiving, created […]

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Now Isn't the Time to Panic

Joel's note: The markets are volatile... and investors are scared. So today in Altimetry Daily Authority, let's look at the bigger picture to determine what you should be doing right now. One of the market strategists that Rob and I most respect is financial-services firm Canaccord Genuity's Tony Dwyer. Rob often talks about how in […]

A Bullish Case for Inflation That Nobody Is Paying Attention To

It's been nearly 24 years since the Federal Reserve began its secret 'inflation targeting'... During the summer of 1996, the 12-member Federal Open Market Committee ("FOMC") sat down for one of its eight annual meetings. One of the items on the committee's docket was to discuss inflation – just as common of a topic in […]

Package Delivery and the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

Another platform company is coming to the market... In mid-January, we devoted an entire week to the platform companies that show how just being a marketplace doesn't guarantee riches for these businesses and their investors. We discussed how Uber's (UBER) ride-hailing business model has lit investors' capital on fire in a failed rush for market […]

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Yes, This CEO Can Run Two Companies

Gilead Sciences (GILD) keeps on investing in a cure... On Friday, we explained how Gilead is unique in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical space. It focuses on treatments that can cure and mitigate diseases rather than just treating symptoms. Over the past few weeks, GILD shares have rallied as investors speculated on how the company's formerly […]

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'Useless' Assets That Are Ready for Use

It's not just the economic data that should give you confidence about the market... Over the past two weeks, we've repeatedly highlighted the economic reasons investors shouldn't be concerned about this pullback. In the face of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates by 50 basis points yesterday, it's relevant to step back and also look […]

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A Business Created by the 'Mafia' With More Room to Run

A 17th century scheme is making a comeback in Japan... In the time of King Louis XIV, French subjects who wished to save money were unable to simply invest in an index fund. Instead, many put their money in a "tontine" – where a group of people pooled their assets, and as members passed away, […]

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