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Get Ready for the 'Remaking' of U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing jobs are coming back home...

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Catching a Cold to Start the Year

The U.S. might want to start stocking up on tissues...

Taking the 'Activist Investor' View

It's time for a Uniform Accounting "refresher course"...

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China's Housing Market May Never Recover

Developers are running out of people to sell to...

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This Shadow Bank Has Issues – and It's Starting to Pay the Price

When you have a company that doesn't get regulated like a bank even though it acts like a bank... that's a big risk.

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The Four Possible Scenarios for the U.S. Economy

You shouldn't put too much faith in any one scenario as the absolute truth...

You're Not Thinking Enough About This Japanese Philosophy

This approach is key in today's business wins...

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The Critical Commodity Behind the Next U.S. Industrial Boom

We're about to enter a new "gold rush"...

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Banks Will Save Their Biggest Customers First

When we look at credit risk, we're not just looking at a company's current debt or assets...

Private Equity Didn't Learn Anything From 2008

PE firms like Blackstone are playing with fire today...

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