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Avoid 'Value Traps' in a Market Downturn With This Simple Trick

'Necessity is the mother of invention'... Humans are great problem solvers. But we're also – for good reason – inherently lazy. This relates to another saying that's a natural partner to the one above: "Why fix what isn't broken?"  When things are going well, it's a rare person who tries to improve a process. It's […]

This Tech Juggernaut Has Chosen to Make Less Money... to Be Worth More

An exchange-traded fund ('ETF') alternative to 'Your Home, Your Castle'? Or just an adjusted cybersecurity fund? Here at Altimetry Daily Authority, we've highlighted several times that the current world of work from home ("WFH") will have long-lasting effects on how people across the world will live their lives after we move past the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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How to Learn the Secrets of the World's Richest Man

Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos' massive net worth has been steadily rising... Anyone who would argue that Bezos isn't a great leader, business creator, or visionary just need look at his self-created net worth to come back to reality. If he can lose $40 billion in a divorce and still stay the world's wealthiest man, […]

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Buy Into the Next Berkshire Hathaway at the Ground Floor

A sleepy corner of the Internet comes into full focus thanks to private equity and Uniform Accounting... Domain registries are a core part of the "piping" of the Internet, but people rarely pay much attention to them. However, one of the forgotten parts of this quiet area of the Internet has recently come into focus: […]

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Double-Digit Returns From Outfitting Corporate 'Spies'

Right now might be one of the best times to start a business in a decade... We started Valens Research – the institutional investment research firm that powers Altimetry – back in 2009, right in the teeth of the Great Recession. Wall Street was a wasteland, and we could see that there was an impressive […]

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U.S. Companies Are Priced for a Disastrous 'New Normal'... And That's Good News for Investors

This certainly isn't the first pandemic to strike the world... Throughout history, massive disease outbreaks have dramatically changed how people lived afterwards. Here at Altimetry Daily Authority, we've spoken several times over the past week about how the coronavirus has changed how we're likely to live going forward – in particular, how the shift to […]

One Company Just Came Up With a Major 'Innovation' for the At-Home Workplace

It's a revolutionary innovation in the world of working from home ('WFH')... the lunch break! This story came out in the middle of April, but I suppose we're slow on the uptake from social media... Senior management at British food-delivery service Just Eat recently came up with a novel solution to a problem employees were […]

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The Enron Scandal Nearly Killed This Company, But Today It's Thriving

Not all exchange-traded funds ('ETFs') are created equal... Back in 2015, activist investor Carl Icahn and BlackRock (BLK) co-founder and CEO Larry Fink walked on stage for Delivering Alpha, a CNBC conference. Fink expected he and Icahn were going to have a friendly debate about activism, and he'd have a rare opportunity to score some […]

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Investors Are Missing Out on a Potential Double With This Review Firm's 'Network Effect'

Everyone's favorite video-conferencing company continues to come under pressure... Zoom Video Communications (ZM) was an early superstar of the conversion of the global workforce to the world of working from home ("WFH"). ZM shares closed 2019 at $68 and were moving steadily higher into 2020. Then in the midst of the rolling announcement of lockdowns […]

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This Popular Internet Travel Company Made a Deal With 'Goliath'... And Its Returns Are Sinking Fast

Across the globe, thought leaders are talking about how embracing working from home ('WFH') is the new norm... You can always rely on Harvard Business School ("HBS") to be at the forefront of thought leadership on changes in the workplace. It has recently published several think pieces on how businesses and employees are adapting to the […]

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