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When M&A Doesn't Destroy Value

Here's an attainable New Year's resolution... As we open to the New Year, many folks will be making those same New Year's resolutions... "New year, new me." In reality, we all understand change is hard. That's why resolution failure rates are so high – most searchable statistics say around 80% of resolution commitments end up […]

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The Staggering Impact of the 'Illusion of Choice'

Joel's note: The Altimetry offices are closed tomorrow for New Year's Day, so we'll be back in touch with the next Altimetry Daily Authority on Thursday, January 2. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Boeing (BA) just can't get out of its own way... In the December 20 Altimetry Daily Authority, we highlighted […]

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These Investors Are a Great Indicator of Where Stocks Are Headed

As regular Altimetry Daily Authority readers know, bear markets don't happen without credit issues... In October, we wrote about how the drop in the cost to borrow for U.S. corporations meant companies were able to refinance debt in 2019 that they hadn't been able to in 2018. The refinancing of near-term debt maturities eliminates the […]

This Phenomenon Affects Every Chipmaker

Who loses half his money on advertising? Apparently, everyone does... I recently had a great debate with a reader over the origins of a favorite quote of mine: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half. It's attributed to two giants of advertising across the […]

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The 'Showroom Effect' Almost Killed – and Then Saved – This Amazon Competitor

The market still doesn't understand how cheap U.S. Steel (X) is... As we highlighted last week, U.S. Steel is currently priced for bankruptcy. When a company starts to trade at a significant discount to its assets – as U.S. Steel does – this tends to serve as a "floor" for valuations. Last Friday, the company […]

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Yet Another Debt Market Is Flashing the 'All Clear' Sign Today

Joel's note: The Altimetry offices are closed tomorrow and Wednesday for the Christmas holiday, so look for your next Altimetry Daily Authority on Thursday, December 26. Have a great holiday, and we'll see you later this week! Is it the 'lay of the land'? Or 'how the land lies'? I was on the phone recently […]

The Power of Branding

Aircraft leasing companies are benefiting from this troubled plane maker... In September, we wrote about how Boeing's (BA) 737 MAX issues have been a boon to the aircraft leasing business. On Monday, Boeing announced that it wasn't just further delaying how long it will be until the 737 MAX can re-enter service... but it's also […]

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Not All Growth Is Calculated Equally

Netflix's (NFLX) desperation to break into the content business knows no bounds... Last Thursday, an article in the Washington Post highlighted how the video-streaming behemoth is arguably pushing ethical limits to curry awards favor as Oscar season approaches. While Netflix appears to be bordering on obsessed with getting recognition for its content initiatives, these are […]

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A 'Fresh Start' Is More Dangerous Than You Think

In most contexts, getting a 'fresh start' is a dream come true... It's like a real-life mulligan... a chance to put the past away and focus on the future. The concept of a fresh start also applies to businesses. Companies screw up from time to time and will often ask for forgiveness. Whether an ad […]

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The Steelmaker That's Priced for Bankruptcy

Back in 1998, I was asked to speak at a conference for credit investors... I was 28 at the time... and given that the conference was in Las Vegas, I quickly accepted. The one problem was that I knew very little about credit investing. At the time, most of my knowledge was in accounting and, […]

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