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Management's Cherry-Picked Metrics Are Masking This Gold Company's Real Performance

The Wall Street darlings have been kicked to the curb... For ultra-wealthy investors, the hedge fund has historically been the crown jewel of their investment portfolios. Originally conceived to operate outside of the traditional mutual-fund framework, hedge funds can make wildly speculative trades on any manner of financial instruments – thus driving returns decoupled to […]

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By Performing the Dirty Jobs, One Business Has Escaped the Pandemic Pressures... and Wall Street's Attention

It's part of the dark underbelly of the 'At-Home Revolution'... Over the past few months, we've consistently highlighted the power of the massive societal shift in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As folks have shifted their consumption to the home, many industries have seen a renaissance in spending.  However, this trend has left behind […]

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A Positive Economic Indicator Is Roaring Higher

This industry hasn't changed much over the years... Many jobs have been radically altered with the rise of industrialization and automation... But debt collection is still carried out using archaic methods. In an industry that has refused to embrace technology, a great deal of collections are still carried out by calling up debtors and threatening […]

Don't Fall for This Oil and Gas 'Comeback' Story

A poker-playing chess devotee has neared 90% gains after a $1.8 billion loss... In 2008, financial-services firm Deutsche Bank (DB) was preparing to spin off a division for its most successful trader. As we mentioned in the March 31 Altimetry Daily Authority, Boaz Weinstein had spent the previous decade making high-powered trades for the bank... […]

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The 'At-Home Revolution' Is Powering This Logistics REIT... But Wall Street Is Too Optimistic

Senior management's job is to understand its business' risk-taking strategy... Many of our readers are business owners, in senior management, or even potentially retired and investing in or advising businesses. As such, they need to understand that the main job they have is to take on risk and oversee risk-taking.  Otherwise, companies won't grow... and […]

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Retail REITs Are Struggling... But One Is Bucking the Trend With Steady Returns

When the economy moves as fast as it has over the past three months, waiting for official data isn't an option...  Traditionally, economists use metrics such as the unemployment rate, GDP, and inflation to measure economic activity. However, when listening to investors, journalists, or even central bankers, different measures are being rolled out to help […]

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The 'Illusion of Choice' Is Leading These Marketing Gurus to Massive Profits

A law of procrastination applies to the 'At-Home Revolution'... We've all experienced this law by British naval historian C. Northcote Parkinson: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Spoken in plain English, everyone procrastinates. Parkinson originally wrote this law to talk about the unique problems in attempting to streamline government […]

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Here's How a 'Blue Wave' Could Affect Your Portfolio

When someone explains how big the universe is, numbers start to become meaningless... It's just too hard for us to wrap our minds around it.  The Milky Way is 105,700 light-years wide. That's 6.2137 x 10^17 miles (meaning, move the decimal place over 17 spots...). If we had undertook the interstellar spacecraft mission Project Longshot […]

This Platform Company Isn't Another Uber, and That's a Good Thing

If the product of the future can exist, it must be measurable... When the media industry first emerged, newspapers were the only source of information for the average citizen. As newspaper companies began to grow and further monetize, the publishers had an easy way of tracking their viewership. By measuring subscriptions and newsstand sales, newspaper […]

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Here's What an 'Asset Light' Strategy Means for a Misunderstood Hospital Provider

The real estate market has permanently shifted, and not just for business... The shelter-in-place orders have led to vastly different experiences for folks across the country. For those who live in outdoor meccas – such as Boulder, Colorado – their experience is distinct from those living in major urban areas. Residents of a city like […]

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