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This Popular Internet Travel Company Made a Deal With 'Goliath'... And Its Returns Are Sinking Fast

Across the globe, thought leaders are talking about how embracing working from home ('WFH') is the new norm... You can always rely on Harvard Business School ("HBS") to be at the forefront of thought leadership on changes in the workplace. It has recently published several think pieces on how businesses and employees are adapting to the […]

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A Surprising Sign From One of the Most Important Recession Indicators

We've received a lot of questions from clients about bankruptcy risk in the oil and gas industry... Specifically, they want to know about stock opportunities in the wake of oil contract prices literally reaching negative levels for the first time in history last Monday. The current slowdown in oil demand is nearly unprecedented, and everybody […]

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Don't Overpay for This Maker of the World's New Most Important 'Currency'

Warren Buffett has many memorable quotes, but we may soon start hearing one in particular more often... Many of the Oracle of Omaha's sayings are about the importance of patience in investing, searching for value, or how to think about businesses. But some of them are about the risks of the underbelly of finance... including […]

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This 'Best in Class' Auto-Parts Maker Looks Ready to Implode

Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the valuations for perceived industry 'gatekeepers' keep rising...  Despite the lockdown, investors are clamoring to invest in companies that control parts of the economy that are primed to boom over the coming years. Last week, digital-payment platform Stripe announced that it had raised $600 million in funding […]

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The Competition Is Gone, Yet This Pharma Giant Is One of the Market's Cheapest Stocks

Activists have been severely hampered in the current environment... Last week, The Economist published a thoughtful article about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on activist investors. The crisis has significantly damaged their strategies... Activists are hard-pressed to insist companies merge when other investors might prefer prioritizing raising debt for operations instead of mergers and […]

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The Coronavirus Is Surprisingly Good News for This Niche Retailer

It's earnings season... and everyone wants to know the implications for the market. After the impressive rally over the past several weeks, you might not be aware that we're no longer in a bear market. The benchmark S&P 500 Index is down roughly 15% from its all-time high on February 19. And now, we're entering […]

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Here's What Shrinking Earnings Really Mean for the Market

We've said it time and time again here in Altimetry Daily Authority... Access to credit (or lack thereof) will be a key driver of whether we recover rapidly from this economic slowdown or not.  Just last week, platform company Airbnb raised $1 billion in debt from investors. This is on top of the other $1 […]

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Move Aside, Cash... This Is the Currency of the Future

The entire auto industry is worried about a potential drop in prices for used cars... As Bloomberg reports, a surge of used-car inventory is building up, and it could dramatically depress prices for used cars. This may initially sound like a positive for consumers. It means cheaper cars, which means more cash for consumers to […]

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Think Cheap Oil Will Bankrupt This Industry Titan? Think Again

A key part of American society that's mandated in the Constitution has come under pressure with the coronavirus pandemic... In the midst of the crisis, the U.S. Postal Service ("USPS") has come into focus as a key tool to help people get what they need and stay connected. And now, according to Bloomberg, the agency […]

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Some Want to Ban This Controversial Investment Strategy... Here's Why That's a Mistake

In the midst of the market collapse in March, misguided 'experts' discussed banning a popular investment strategy... As often happens in a rout, short sellers became a popular target to blame for the decline. European regulators scrambled to stop the practice last month as part of efforts to provide a floor for the market. On […]

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