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This Platform Highlights the Problems for Every 'Uber'

Tonight is a must-see opportunity to hear multiple investing greats give their 2020 outlook... Our friends at Stansberry Research are hosting a special event tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time that we highly recommend you attend. Porter Stansberry, Dr. David Eifrig, and Dr. Steve Sjuggerud will be speaking for likely the only time this year […]

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Tightening Credit Standards Can Indicate a Recession... But We're Not There Yet

We often write fondly about some of history's greatest investors... We can learn valuable lessons about stock picking and fundamental analysis from the careers and investing philosophies of legends like Warren Buffett, Shelby Davis, and Seth Klarman. In fact, much of what we've learned from their approaches to financial analysis has influenced the Uniform Accounting […]

Caps and Corks Are Out: Craft Beer Is Better in Cans

Gift cards may really only be a great gift to the retailers you buy them from... On October 11, we discussed how coffee giant Starbucks' (SBUX) innovation of venturing into the world of banking has led to the market rewarding the company with an impressive rally. Thanks to its mobile app, Starbucks has built a […]

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A Leader in Car 'Premiumization'

The Federal Reserve is still seeking ways to reduce financial risk... Here at Altimetry Daily Authority, we regularly discuss the importance of credit markets in economic and equity market cycles. In particular, we've talked about how the corporate cost to borrow helps dictate whether companies will refinance their debts or struggle to refinance them. Last […]

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A Different Way of Interpreting Valuation Metrics

As long as demand for low-interest bonds remains high, interest rates won't rise – which will fuel growth... Last week, Bloomberg published an article explaining that $8.7 trillion of sovereign bonds maturing this year are likely to be rolled over. The piece highlights that even with that refinancing, investors can't find enough safe bonds to […]

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Freedom of Advertising

In order to boost returns, this popular home-goods retailer is looking beyond operational strategies... Yesterday, Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) announced it had completed a sale-leaseback transaction with private-equity firm Oak Street Real Estate Capital, bringing in $250 million in proceeds. Bed Bath & Beyond has seen its Uniform return on assets ("ROA") fall from […]

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Corporate Piggy Banks Are Bouncing Back

A new set of numbers highlight who's losing the commercial airline war... Reuters reported last week that Airbus won the volume war with Boeing (BA) last year for the first time since 2011. While Airbus has repeatedly beaten Boeing in terms of orders since 2011, Airbus delivered 863 aircraft in 2019, versus 806 for Boeing. […]

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Get Started on Your Favorite Pastime

This industry is under attack from all sides... The last decade has been the era of the platform and the side-hustle (also known as the "gig economy"). Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Postmates, TaskRabbit, and other successful "gig" platforms have transformed how consumers interact with the world... and how people think about earning an income. But if […]

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When M&A Doesn't Destroy Value

Here's an attainable New Year's resolution... As we open to the New Year, many folks will be making those same New Year's resolutions... "New year, new me." In reality, we all understand change is hard. That's why resolution failure rates are so high – most searchable statistics say around 80% of resolution commitments end up […]

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The Staggering Impact of the 'Illusion of Choice'

Joel's note: The Altimetry offices are closed tomorrow for New Year's Day, so we'll be back in touch with the next Altimetry Daily Authority on Thursday, January 2. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Boeing (BA) just can't get out of its own way... In the December 20 Altimetry Daily Authority, we highlighted […]

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