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The Market Is Too Pessimistic on This Groundbreaking Biotech Firm

A continued eye on the coronavirus outbreak, from a data-driven perspective... Financial-services firm Fidelity recently published a good piece summarizing the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the markets and world economies. In the analysis, Fidelity highlighted a few key datapoints that were similar to the ones we discussed in Wednesday's Altimetry Daily Authority: […]

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Dividend Risks Are Overblown for This Energy Giant

U.S. corporate credit profiles look healthy, but China may be a different story... In yesterday's Altimetry Daily Authority, we discussed how the U.S. economy and market remain strong – even in the face of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak impacting global growth. But as Bloomberg reports, the risk of a credit crunch may be […]

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Investors Are Panicking... But the Data Tell Us to Stay Calm

Joel's note: Considering the recent volatility in the market, we're stepping aside from our normal format of the Altimetry Daily Authority today to focus on a broader view of the macro environment. The volatility over the past week has a lot of investors spooked... We spend a lot of our time with our institutional clients […]

This Homebuilder Is Much Stronger Than Wall Street Thinks

Another bank is joining the online brokerage industry... Last week, Morgan Stanley (MS) announced that it's acquiring E-Trade Financial (ETFC) for $13 billion. This news comes just a few months after another banking and brokerage giant, Charles Schwab (SCHW), agreed to buy TD Ameritrade (AMTD) for $26 billion. This is a great move for both […]

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Listening to Management Tells Us a Lot About Where the Market Is Heading

What's next for Dean Foods? In the February 20 Altimetry Daily Authority, we used the dairy producer as an example of how volatile commodity prices and changing consumer preferences can drive a company to bankruptcy. The next day, we explained how Dean Foods was still able to produce dairy products despite entering into Chapter 11 […]

Bankruptcy Isn't Always a 'Kiss of Death'

The NBA is embracing disruption... and that's not a surprise. The NBA All-Star Game last weekend was a major hit. A new format gave the game a competitive edge that hadn't existed in decades. Many of the professional sports leagues in the U.S. are attempting to innovate in an effort to try to bring more […]

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Investors Aren't Getting a Discount on This Commodity-Dependent Business

Here at Altimetry, 'commodity' is a bit of a dirty word... It's due to the fact that throughout history, commodities have always proved to be difficult businesses. Consider a few factors that are true about most, if not all commodities... First, they're usually basic raw materials like agricultural crops or metals. For example, wheat, rubber, […]

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A 'Ship of Theseus' Transformation

Coronavirus hasn't become an excuse for guidance, and that's a good sign... Market-research firm CB Insights conducted an analysis of recent earnings call transcripts and identified only six instances of "coronavirus" being mentioned on calls since the outbreak. The analysis also showed that the usage of the term "pandemic" hadn't seen a major spike. Compare […]

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This Cell Tower Company Should Listen to Jack Welch's Rules

Another 'platform' can't stay profitable... We've spent a decent amount of time here in Altimetry Daily Authority highlighting the issues with platform businesses that don't make money, like ride-hailing company Uber (UBER) and food-delivery service Grubhub (GRUB). Just last week, another platform primed for an initial public offering ("IPO") joined the loss-making crew... Accommodation business […]

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This Iconic Automaker Is Stronger Than Investors Realize

Joel's note: The Altimetry offices are closed on Monday for Presidents' Day, so look for the next Altimetry Daily Authority on Tuesday, February 18. The responses have been flooding in all week... We want to thank all our readers for responding to Tuesday's article, where we mentioned the discussion in the Democratic presidential debates about […]

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